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As the title implies I  present and discuss here various types of aircraft of my "collection". That are  aircraft I'm fond of since my youth and aircraft I got fond of in my envolvement in aviation history in the course of time up to now. I may have come across an intersting type of aircraft in the printed media.  I may as well have learned to like a particular type of aircraft in doing a research  quite often sparked by alledged errors in a website, forum or magazine. Therefore this site is not a comprehensive  online  type reference or encyclopedia.


My philosophy is  not to quote  technical specifications. These can be looked up in the sources I list in the respective notes sections. There will be exceptions only if data will help to characterise a specific type of aircraft.

As well I do not present extensive and complete historical data and variants. But I will be less restrictive here as with technical data.  Sometimes there is some ambiguity comparing sources. In these cases I will compile some basic information about variants and basic historical data and try to confirm these. Some historical facts may help to describe the characteristics of the individual type of aircraft and will complement my personal evaluation of a particular  aircraft.

But there will be lots of pictures, of my own collection  as well  kindly provided by others. There will be comments quoted from other sources as well as personal views and appraisal of individual aircraft. I will list all references from the printed media which are accessible to me and I steadily look for more. Links to websites  will be listed only if there is an endnote in the text.

The link Aircraft in the navigation bar leads to a contents page where the aircraft of my choice are listed with links to  individual pages.

Next in the navigation bar is a link to the  section Various Topics. In the moment (February 2017) it serves only as a placeholder in order to make the links  in the aircraft pages work. Otherwise I had to activate these links later tediously in a growing number of subpages.

The section Books and Magazines just comprises the page A Nostalgic look at Books and Magazines from the 1950's and 60's which I took over from the original website. I still have to decide if I will update and refurbish this page only or if I will expand this secton to reviews of the current printed media in my collection.

The links Updates and Contact are self-explaining.

Final Considerations

This website is a much improved relaunch of my original website bearing the same name. From the very start   in designing these pages I experienced that I immediately get involved in intensive research into  the history of individual aircraft I worked on. Creating these pages therefore takes much more time as I had envisaged in projecting the relauch of my website. But I learn a lot more about my favorite aircraft.

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