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1 Fred Anderson : 86 Flugzeugtypen.
World Trafic Booklets. Commercial Aircraft Edition. Berne: Greiner, 1957
2 Gann, Ernest K. : Fate is the Hunter. New York: Touchstone 1986. Paperback
First published by Simone and Schuster 1961
p116-152 Chapter VII: Gypsies
3  Francillon, René J.: Lockheed Aircraft since 1913 London: Putnam, 1987 rev. ed: pp 188 3-view line drawings, photo of first production Model 18 Lodestar with taiplane in it it's original position
4 Marson, Peter J: The Lockheed Twins
Tonbridge: Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd., 2001
ISBN 13: 9780851302843
5 Intentioally leaved blank  
6 Walter David Lewis
Airline executives and federal regulation : case studies in American enterprise from the airmail era to the dawn of the jet age. Columbus: Ohio State Univ. Press, 2000
7 Juptner, Joseph P.: U.S. Civil Aircraft. Vol. 8, Fallbroook: Aero, 1980  
  8 Stringer, David: Ted Baker& National Airlines in The Aviation Historian. Issue 18 (January 2017) pp78.  
9 Stringer, David: Ted Baker & National Airlines. In The Aviation Historian Issue No 18, pp. 78.  
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