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Handley Page 81 Hermes


As with most propliners I became aquainted with the Handley Page Hermes IV from the booklet 86 Flugzeugtypen (86 Types of Aircraft) which I  received at about the age of 12 [1]. The picture from this booklet never got out of my mind  and I choosed it as the header picture of this page. It was one of the pictures which emanated a sort of mystique, which was enhanced by the remarks: (I translate) "This type was used especially by charter operators . It had an excellent furnishing [vorzueglicher Ausbau]". I did not understood what that actually meant, but I never forgot these phrases.

Personally the Hermes is on par with the Douglas DC-4/6/7 as my favorite 4-engined propliner.

According to my philosophy behind this website I generally will not quote any technical specifications. These will be found in the sources I quote in the respective Notes sections. Same applies, though a bit less restricting, to historical data and variants.  Sometimes there is some ambiguity comparing sources. Therefore in some type entries I will compile some basic informations and try to confirm these.


The Hermes Characterized



Picture 1 above
: Handley Page 81 Hermes BOAC G-ALOM
(BOAC photo, British Airways copyright)

Picture 2:  Handley Page 81 Hermes IV Britavia G-ALDK. Blackbushe May 1958. (Malcolm Knight via FGS [W1] )

Picture 3: Handley Page HP.81 Hermes IV, Air Safaris. Manchester - Ringway (MAN / EGCC), UK - England
(R.A.Scholefield via Air Britain [W2])


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