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Handley Page Hermes - Notes
1 Fred Anderson : 86 Flugzeugtypen.
World Trafic Booklets. Commercial Aircraft Edition. Berne: Greiner, 1957
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London: Putnam (Conway) 1987

  Bingham, Victor F. : The Handöey Page Hastings and Hermes Story.  Bretton, Petersborough: GMS Enterprises, 1998  
  Jackson, A J : British Cicil Aircraft 1019-1972, Vol 2
new ed. London: Putnam (Conway), 1973
  Chorlton, Martyn : Handley Page Hermes. Aeroplane (mag.)  Vol 42, No 9 issue No 497 Autumn 2014. Database series p. 72-86
   Hermes. In the Air  Series no. 35. Flight (mag.) , 2 March 1950  
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